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Primera Lx400 Printer Driver Download Install Update

The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Table of Contents Section 1: Choosing a Good Location Hardware and Software Setup Adjusting the Stock Sensor Interactive Feature in this PDF Document There are interactive features that will allow you to jump to different locations within the document. Each listing in the Table of Contents is interactive. Place the cursor on either the words or the page number. A small hand with a pointing finger icon appears.

The LX Printer will print razor-sharp text and barcodes, vibrant colors, and even stunning photo-realistic photographs directly onto rolls of labels, card stock and fan-fold stock. Make sure that all supplied accessories are included with your unit.

The following items should be included: INDEX This illustration shows the input ports and power switch found on the rear panel of the printer. As long as the label stock is paper and can receive ink jet printing and is within the allotted size, it will work in the printer.

Primera carries a large variety of paper label stock that has been converted and ready for use with your printer. Place the label stock between the stock guide rollers and release the spring loaded stock guide to hold the label stock.

The stock guide rollers allow the label stock roll to move freely. Place the leading edge of the label stock between the throat guide and the side of the printer. INDEX Through Hole Labels If you are using card stock or label stock that has a hole punch or a notch to identify a transition from backing to label, you can adjust the Sensor Bar to position it over the identifying mark. Before feeding the fan-fold stock through the back of the printer, lock the stock guide in the out position so the stock guide rollers Unlocked Locked If using a PC: Click OK on your screen to indicate the new cartridge is now installed.

Once you click OK you will be prompted to align the cartridge. A warning will appear stating that you must have installed label stock that is equal to or larger than 4" Other programs can be used to print. If printing from other programs please follow the guidelines in Section When you open BarTender you will be given the choice to select an existing label or create a new one using a wizard.

Select "Color Label ". Printing Using a PC Select "Specify Custom Settings". Set the page size, width and height to match labels installed in the printer.

If you click "Finish", the remaining default wizard options will be set and no picture will be added. Review the label setup summary. If it is correct, click "Finish". Your blank label will be displayed. You can edit any of these settings by going to the File Menu and selecting "Page Setup".

Basic and advanced settings are available on the various tabs. This can be done using one of buttons on the button bar at the top of the screen. The Print Dialog window will appear. Select the Color Label Set the number of copies. Refer to the following steps to change or verify your default printer driver preferences.

These settings will apply to all new designs created in BarTender or other programs after the preferences were changed. Some applications such as BarTender save your settings with the label, others use settings only for the current print job just sent to the printer. The lower the Quality, the faster the print. Quality 1 provides the fastest print available while Quality 4 provides the best quality. It is recommended that you experiment with the different levels when designing your label to find a good balance between print quality and print speed.

You will automatically be prompted to perform this alignment each time you install a new cartridge. To manually align the cartridge, click on Cartridge Alignment to reveal a Properties button. You will be prompted to load label stock of 4"x 4" If you have stock of this size or larger, simply click OK.

If not see Section 2I for instructions on loading a test sheet to complete the purge print. When enabled you will be required to perform an alignment print after a new cartridge is installed. Offsets If your label is printing horizontally or vertically offset printing on the liner or with white space left on the label use these offset setting to adjust the position of the print on the label.

This will be factory calibrated. If fine tuning is needed, increase this value to move the image down on the label. Decrease 10 units 1. You must set the Printer and Page Setup by clicking on these buttons each time you print. You must perform these steps each time you print even if what you see on the preview screen appears correct. Click the drop down arrow to change the screen to Label Printer Settings. Change your printer settings to the desired quality.

Printing Using a Macintosh Now click Page Setup to change the label size set in the printer driver. You must click the Page Setup button every time you print even if the preview screen looks correct. For this example there is a 4x3 predefined size. If your label is on the list choose it, click OK and move on to step INDEX If you have created a custom size you will need to choose it again here by clicking the drop down arrow and choosing the custom size.

You are now ready to print your label. First, check the orientation. Mac Barcode Maker can be purchased from their website at www. Follow the instructions that are included with the application to use it with your program. Click Print from within any printing application. The following screen will appear: Click the Copies and Pages drop down arrow. Choose Label Printer Settings.

Quality 1 provides the fastest print available while Quality 4 provides the best photo quality. Utility Click on the Config. Utility to access the following screen. A description of each setting on this screen is below. Clean Cartridge If it has been more than 48 hours since your last print or if your print quality has deteriorated with bands or lines it is recommended that you clean the cartridge.

This tear off position is set at the factory. If fine tuning is needed to align the break in your label stock over the Tear Bar, increase this setting to eject the label further; This will occur only if there are no other print jobs in queue. Cut using optional cutter. Use this setting only if you have the label cutter attachment Primera Part Printing Using a Macintosh Test the unit with the label sample material that came with the unit.

If it prints correctly, your label stock may not be compatible. The label sensor needs to see the difference between a label and a backing material by seeing through the label stock for light variations. Often times a space on the right printers left side indicates a margin around the label that is not being accounted for.

The printer is factory calibrated for a 2mm margin. A larger margin around the label will cause a right printers left side space. To accomplish this using BarTender, make the image a few millimeters larger than the label by dragging the image over the edge of the label on all sides.

If the jam can not be located, it is possible to remove a cover over the feed input area. Source Location Primera Knowledge Base www.

Technical Specifications Print Method: Roll-fed pressure-sensitive labels, roll-fed tags Media Sensing: Moveable see-through sensor for die-cut labels and reflective for tags with black stripe sensing Ink Level Warning Page of 56 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Primera LX User Manual 58 pages.

Primera Lx400 Printer Driver Download

Primera LX400 User Manual

The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Table of Contents Section 1: Choosing a Good Location Hardware and Software Setup Adjusting the Stock Sensor Interactive Feature in this PDF Document There are interactive features that will allow you to jump to different locations within the document.

Primera LX400 Color Lebel Driver

Primera Lx400 Printer Driver Download

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