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Nvidia Gtx 660 Ti Driver Download Install Update

Jack Moran Feb 14, , 8: First of all, thanks for taking the time to look. My problem is that, recently, my GPU has been excessively crashing for no apparent reason. The crash that occurs takes several different forms, either my monitors saying ' no signal', my monitors being solid colurs such as white or pink or my graphics card recovering with the TDR message 'Graphics drivers have recovered'.

This started happening fairly recently, and, after the first crash that happened about a week ago, it crashed again around an hour later as one of my RAM sticks failed. Because of this i bought 8gb of corsair vengeance and have still been getting the crashes so I don't think they are linked. My system specs are: My cpu is stock clocked, and has never been overclocked. The current Nvidia driver I am on is All of my drives are up to date across my system. Before the crash happened the only thing that had changed was that I was using 3 monitors.

I have since uninstalled the Intel drivers and turned the option 2 use the integrated off via my MoBo, and the only graphics chip picked up in device manager is the I have memtested, CPU diagnosed. I have also monitored my GPU temps and after moving some fans around, it is levelling out at around 50c while playing counter strike global offensive one of the more afflicted games.

I have underclocked it to the base clock rates, to no avail however it does seem to be running for longer between crashes, could be coincidence. Any help would be appreciated. More about nvidia gtx crashing constantly. Best answer tsnor Feb 14, , I have underclocked it to the base clock rates, to no avail however it does seem to be running for longer between crashes, could be coincidence If that stabilizes things then you know it's not software problems, it's less likely to be PSU problems, etc.

Any chance the crashes only happen when running a particular game or program -- things aren't as well tested with multiple monitors. If underclocking doesn't work suggest dropping to a single monitor to see if that helps. Your temps seem good to great 50C, my is closer to 75C , however things like VRMs on the card are not monitored.

How long has the card been in use? Have you tried blowing dust out of the card, especially under the heatsink as well as in the part where the fan runs? Jack Moran Feb 15, , 1: Can't find your answer? You've got a good plan. The reinstall of windows solves any problems with data corrupted by your old failed dimm and stored back to disk.

Maybe verify in bios the memory timings vs. I don't know a good value for the memory underclock. He's prefered to keep the slower card than RMA it. We then went back to stock, which failed in a few hours. Jack Moran Feb 16, , 6: Jack Moran Feb 16, , 8: Just an update if any one has ideas: I've ran GPU-Z and recorded it to a log file.

TDP is the max temp very roughly. GPU load is an indication of how hard the card is working, it has nothing to do with temp. Can you check the units and make sure you are reading the right data.

Wrin Apr 25, , 7: I hate to necro this post but I'm having the exact same issue with the I've switched it over to a Much lower power consumption and the regular crashes stopped, but now anytime I load a game League of Legends, Diablo 3, Halo, etc it will crash in the same manner as the The thing that bugs me is that I get driver error messages sometimes even though I have all the latest drivers and updates.

Haven't tried a clean install yet. Many of the people you want considering your problem will not look at a thread started in Feb. T1german Apr 29, , 8: HaxorTeamGo Jun 7, , 5: Better late than never - maybe this will be helpful for those, who are googling it now: Well, at least for me! I have the same problem -- I am going to try Mariz' solution next. I had the same problems, starting with the last 2 nvidia updates.

I finally went back to the October 1st update and that solved all of my problems. I had crashes on start up from sleep or hibernation. When I would roboot it would take a few minutes and then crash with different colored squares and lines then solid brown or orange screen.

Once in a while the recovered from video crash would pop up. Since I reverted back I have had no problems. I would hope that nvidia comes out with a fix soon. I have solved the problem, i can't belive it! I had this crashes ever since i have bought this pc. It works real nice i have a Amd fx 8core, 16gb ram, gtx 2gb gddr5 , watt PSU. If i was playing dota2 or cs go or gta 4, 5 , it runs real nice and smooth no lag but after sometime it randomly crashes..

After reading in two years lots of oppinions and try this try that.. I can't belive it is so easy and nobody said this before, or i haven't read it on any forum by now. Ask a new question. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Nvidia Gtx 660 Ti Driver Download

GTX 660 TI 3GB

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Nvidia Geforce Gtx 660 Driver Download

Nvidia Gtx 660 Ti Driver Download

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